Grace Farms Goals

How do handmade charms support a local farm?

“Food can be our safest medicine or our slowest poison.” We believe that the food system is broken.


We feel that the obesity rate tripling since 1980 and the fact we spend more than $380 Billion per year in the United States on Diabetes care.

In our opinion, the poor-quality of food we are all eating is the primary driver of these facts. Perhaps you have felt the frustration of trying to eat right in this overwhelming environment of low-quality, inexpensive food.

We created Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ to begin the process of changing people’s expectations about the food they eat 

Although we grow food on-site our goals extend beyond just growing food on a small farm to serve a very small number of people.

Instead, we are becoming a clearing house for all the amazing small farmers selling fruit, vegetables, beef, and chicken. We want people to know where their food comes from and “Shake the Hand that Feeds Them.” 

To invite people into this conversation, we have pop-up dinners on Grace Farms using local produce and creative local chefs creating beautiful dining experiences for people looking for the healthiest, best-tasting food. We also have a weekly Community Supported Agriculture box (The Green Box program.)

Everyone who joins us for these special events love these experiences and everyone comes away with greater knowledge of the wonderful agriculture that surrounds them and how to buy the best food available.

How do handmade charms fit into this mission of connecting people with the most nutrient dense and best tasting food.

To buy a working farm, develop a new marketplace and a new restaurant (all goals of ours) takes a great deal of money.

Our choices were to raise money from investors. But, we have decided that we want to develop this project without having to compromise the mission because an investor may feel their investment is not yielding a fast enough return.

Kickstarter is another option. However, we’ve chosen to connect more directly with people who believe how important it is to change how people eat.

When we make something by hand and send it to you with an intentional note, we believe our gratitude for your support is more profound. We believe you will be more interested in watching our progress compared to how you would feel just sending us a donation. 

If you subscribe to our Charm of the Month Club, you will receive a handmade bronze charm with something inspirational hand-stamped on it every month for a year.

And, you will keep current on the development of Grace Farms.

Please share this with people you feel would like to be a part of this tribe. Our goals outstrip our resources, but we have an abundance of hard work and determination in our hearts. 

You can join The Charm of the Month Club at the link. All the proceeds directly help Grace Farms advance the goal of improving our health by improving the food we eat. 

Thank you for being interested in changing the health of the nation. 

***Note: In April 2020 during the Covod-19 pandemic, we lost our lease on the Grace Farms Land. We will continue our Pop-Up dinners. Our hopes is that A Well Run Life Gear will grow sufficiently so that we can afford to purchase the next location of Grace Farms. Thank you for supporting us.

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