Help Grow Grace Farms!

The Mustard Seeds (The Teeny Tiny Collection)

When you purchase a Mustard Seed, you help grow Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ.

We want to build something beautiful in the world - something big. Our goal is to become an important space to teach health and wellness through amazing food.

We are a health and wellness company. Though we generally focus on the health of the body, we know that people "do not live on bread alone." These tiny bits of rustic art are meant to help nourish the spirit.

You can see videos of our Pop-Up dinners here on our Facebook page.

We are just teeny tiny but we believe in our big potential. 

Thank you for finding and supporting us.

More than 15,000 have been sold!

From one of our friends about the collection:

I tend to be a cheerleader, so in stores will compliment staff, then tell their boss. Love to pump up wait staff, I carry little stamped brass coins I get from from a young man in Arizona. When I see someone do something great, I pull them aside and slip a coin in their hand and say you just were wonderful thank you. Words on the coins are grace, peace, heal, music, be quiet- pray, have dozens of them. It's amazing the reaction I get from everyone and often people around them. Was having a late lunch. Had a sweet talkative waitress. Going table to table talking to kids, older people, making everyone feel good about being there. People leaving, chattering. She stopped at me to fill my tea. I asked her to sit a minute. She did. I explained the Army custom of leaders giving special coins for doing great things. I pulled out two coins. One said grace. I told her you were a grace to every person in this room. The second coin a little bigger said gratitude. I said and I’m thankful for whom you are and that I got to meet you. What an amazing emotional reaction. Every time I go back I request one of her tables. It’s the little things. It makes a person’s day. It also fills you up as you are mindful of another...Mike L.