From A Well Run Life: The 3 Minute Uplift Video Meditation Program A Well Run Life

From A Well Run Life: The 3 Minute Uplift Video Meditation Program

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Are these the most stressful times EVER?!?

We Invite You To Reserve 3 Minutes for Yourself. Everyday for the Next 75 Days.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily stresses of life… BUT ESPECIALLY during a pandemic. 😬

That’s why it’s more critical than ever to take care of yourself—so you can continue to take care of others. Struggling to meet life's demands isn't easy.


✔️Taking care of children

✔️Dealing with teenagers

✔️Managing a household

✔️Making ends meet

✔️Saving for the future

Everyone’s got 3 minutes a day. 3 minutes is how long it takes to:

👚Get dressed for the day

🥚 Poaching an egg

🍞 Make a piece of toast

🎶 Listen to a pop song

3 minutes is also how long it takes to cultivate a calmer, stronger SELF. 🙏

We show busy and frazzled men and women how to take the time they need for themselves. 🙏

Just a 3️⃣ minutes meditation every day can transform entire lives. 🙌 

At our heart, A Well Run Life exists to be your partner on your journey to optimal health. The handmade charms on this site are designed to improve the health of your relationships. 

But we want to focus on you as an individual.

So we created a series of online courses at The 3 Minute

Everyday for a year we have a 3 minute video to create the space for you to:




Come - take your time now. 

Click here to Join. You will receive your log-in credentials with 24 hours after you enroll. The classes are located at The 3 Minute 

See an example of the meditations here.

In addition to our meditation program we offer short courses on:

  • How to Change Your Life
  • The Body Restoration Project: 10 Day Detox
  • Beginner At Home Workout Program: 12 Core Workouts to Lessen Joint Pain With Kristen Mills!

You can get our all access pass here - which includes membership to our Charm of the Month Club - where you will get a new charm every month for a full year. You can purchase that plan here for $199.99

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