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Pleno M5.1 Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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A Well Run Life focuses on the health and wellness of the body and spirit. Exercise is a key aspect of our overall health. Sometimes exercise creates discomfort in our muscles and tissues.

Having tried more expensive versions of similar tools, we feel this less expensive deep tissue therapy tool is great a benefit to maintaining healthy muscle and range of motion.

This item ships directly from our manufacturing partner. All purchases help support Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ. 

And, of course, we will also send you one of our handmade charms for purchasing.

Newest Noise Reduction Technology

Pleno M 5.1 professional deep tissue massager has 24V brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission that brings a high power and low noise experience. You can use Pleno at home, gym, office.

Lightweight Design And Fine Grip

Lighter weight: 2.2Lbs. Silicone handle is better grip, and prevent slips and falls from hand. Easy for women using.

4 Hrs Battery Life

24V 2500mAh Large Capacity Power Li-ion Battery, 3 hrs charging time from 0 to 100%. Independent power management system: Intelligent charging and discharging to extend battery life.

Four Massage Heads

Pleno M5.1 offers four customised massage heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage. The handheld designed and four tips attachments allow you to reach every muscle, every trigger point, scar tissue, back, neck, foot, leg, knot, thigh, hip, arm. Instant relief and shorten recovery time.

3-Speed Shift DESIGN

3-speed shift design of Pleno M 5.1 deep muscle massager meets a variety of massage needs. 30-40-54 percussions per second.


★ Lifetime Warranty on Tips.

Pleno handheld massage gun offers a one-year warranty due to malfunctions caused by quality problems. The body massage tool is portable, cordless, powerful percussion therapy.


✔ This device is designed for muscle relaxation. Choose different frequency according to personal preference.

Touch the body before opening. Use light pressure and slow movement. The recommended speed is one inch/second.

★Packing list:

✔ One set of massager

✔ 24V Adaptor

✔ Four massager tips

✔ Instruction manual

✔ One Box

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