Our Online Daily Reflection. The Daily 3-Minute Uplift

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Are you taking time for yourself?

If you enjoy my Podcast: A Well Run Life - The Three Minute Podcast this course if for you.

It will be simple. I make no claims to personal self-mastery, to extraordinary wisdom, or the secret keys to wealth.

These will be 3 minute reflections on 1 idea. I articulate how I feel about how we may move towards a better, more meaningful, more connected and nourished life.

The subscription It will be less than a cup of coffee costs per day.

Customers of A Well Run Life Gear can buy a 1 Year Subscription ($99.99) for $49.99 if they purchase here.

The format is one new 3-minute meditation will be available to you a day.

The class launches June 1st. If you would like to trust that the class will be worthwhile prior to the class being ready, I am offering a subscription at $19.99 per month as long as you would like to be a part of it.   

More information available here.

Peter M. Deeley Jr.


A Well Run Life

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