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MOMnation Green Box! 1 Month Subscription

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Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food!

Every purchase is an act of revolution against our broken food system and a way to support us at!

Our weekly Box of Greens includes 9 live plants. This subscription is for 4 weekly boxes.

Our greens are harvested day of delivery and arrive fully alive with the root system intact.

We will provide you a wide variety flavors throughout your subscription. Each week will have a new combination of leafy greens. (You can also add a Pound of Peixoto Whole Coffee Beans to your order - contact Pete Deeley at 602-717-7458). Soon we will have spices and seasonal root vegetables.   

We use an aeroponic growing system that uses 90% less soil and water than traditional methods with zero pesticides or insecticides. More information is available here.

You can add a 12 oz. Bag of Peixoto Whole Bean Coffee to your Subscription.


Why do we trust Peixoto Coffee? Well, you will too after you read their story.

Crop to Cup

The fewer middlemen between the two, the better

As with any supply chain operating in the modern global marketplace (specialty coffee being no exception) there are often many entities operating in the chain between producer and consumer.  Every one of them performs a task, and incurs a cost to do so.  In a perfect model, every entity in that chain would add value to the core product such that the end consumer gets exactly what they pay for.  By this we mean the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, produced in a responsible and sustainable fashion.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and a bloated supply chain can only result in one of two outcomes…..a product of the same quality reaching the end consumer at an inflated price, or a product of inferior quality reaching the end consumer at market price.  At Peixoto Coffee, our vision and our coffee sourcing model doesn’t involve either.

When you open up a bag of coffee from the Peixoto family farm, there is literally no one between you and the farmers that produced it.  With regard to the other exceptional single-origin coffees we sell, while we certainly feel that fair-trade standards are necessary, we chose to step it up a bit further and source only direct-trade coffees.  These coffees are sourced via a direct relationship between the farmer and importer.  This not only ensures that the farmers receive a fair, quality-based price for their coffees but also that our customers are paying for the steps in the supply chain that add value…and nothing else.

You can Also Add 4 Juice Kitchen Juices to each Week. The types of Juices can selected from their menu or let us bring you a new set every week.


Pick-up will be at Grace Farms Saturday 9-12. Information about our location can be found here.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Maggie Garvin can be found at

We will have a 2018 Pop-Up Dinner series on Grace Farm. Here is a video from November 10, 2017.

This program is sponsored by A Well Run Life.

Contact Peter M. Deeley Jr. at 602 – 717 – 7458 or for questions or additional information.