Help Support Essentially Equine During Social Distancing Period


I am asking my friends and family to help supplement my loss of income by sponsoring a horse, donating for vet care or donating a set of shoes.

I currently have 5 lesson critters.

Three horses: Aladdin, Gideon and Belle

Two donkeys: Baloo & Abu

Horses and donkeys have to get their feet trimmed every 6-8 weeks as their hooves continuously grow, just like our fingernails! It’s imperative that they are scheduled to get them done in order to keep them happy, walking and rideable. The Essentially Equine herd all get theirs done in a timely manner to ensure this, and each horse ranges from $50 to $165 in farrier costs.

Horses also eat 1-2% of their body weight (think Gideon who’s 1800+ pounds!) and drinks about 8 gallons of water a day. Because my horses have jobs that require them to have adequate energy, they all also get grain & pellets each day to ensure they are able to perform their jobs.

It also so happens to be the time of year for spring vaccinations, which for 5 animals will be $500+.

Monthly costs for each equine ranges from $215 to $680 a month.

If you’d like to either sponsor a horse for their board (which includes their water, hay and living space), their farrier visit, their grain or their spring vaccines I will share special facts and photos about them as well as provide a token of my gratitude from Grace Farm’s teeny tiny charm collection.

I can take donations in any amount and am grateful for even the consideration.

Please donate here or contact me for other ways to donate.