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Grace Farms Orientation
A Well Run Life

Grace Farms Orientation

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This orientation is to show you the vision of Grace Farms.

We will show you our chickens and the aquaponic growing systems.

We will also show you where we will do our pop-dinners and share our vision for future projects.

We are currently assessing whether there is enough interest in our dinners over the summer. Our preference is to do them outside - and overcoming the heat might be too much to ask.

We are charging the $5 just to be sure that people who sign up will attend. We will use your $5 to feed our chickens and the tilapia in our aquaponic growing system. 

The orientations will be Thursdays at 6:45 PM at 13012 E. Chandler Heights Rd. or by appointment.

Grace Farms is an A Well Run Life project. Learn more about us here:

Dr. Maggie Garvin is a naturopathic physician and and our Medical Director. Learn about her here:

You can find our blog here:

..and should you want the tee shirt:

You can get it here: