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Double Handled Dog Leash - Traffic Leash

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Two handle dog leashes are perfect for increasing the control over your dog in public keeping everybody safe or giving the dog some liberties while enjoying a relaxing walk in the woods. These traffic control leashes are also great for training your dog (heel and recall).


  • 2 HANDLES;  Soft and Padded, one at the end of the leash and another in the middle. Keep your beloved 4-legged companion safe at all times!
  • GREAT CONTROL; use the long leash for casual walks, extended sniffing and loose leash walking; use the shorter leash for busy sidewalks, bike paths and crowded areas that require that you have instant, up-close control of your dog. Control Dominance and Aggression.
  • MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS; can be used for medium to large dog breeds, but may also work for some smaller dog breeds as well.
  • A LEASH THAT IS BUILT TO LAST. Durably made from heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching, our leash possesses a very high break point to resist stretching and abrasions. This makes it especially valuable for reducing annoying drag and jerk motions that occur when dogs pull too hard. This leash can also double as a valuable training tool in controlling any dominance or hyperactivity issues that your dog may have.

Wear your doggie out!


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