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A Well Run Life

A Teeny Tiny Reminder: Smile

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Let us always meet each other with smile,

for the smile is the beginning of love.

-Mother Teresa

Send your loved ones a Teeny Tiny Reminder to Smile.


Each one is hand-stamped. 

They arrive with a hand written note wishing that your life is full of Grace.
They are only an inch in diameter, but they carry all the love we can send you 
in a package slightly larger than a mustard seed. 

All Purchases Support Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ.


When you buy A Teeny Tiny Reminder to Smile you are supporting Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ.

Here is one of our pop-up dinners.

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Who Needs More Peace?

How about Hope?

Need One Customized? Tell us what you want at info@awellrunlife.com

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